The Moonsea is a Harsh Mistress

“The shores of the Moonsea are dangerous ground. Despots rule from the citystates in this bannerless region. Bandits rove the roads and the sea lanes. And between them all monsters creep.

Whether you’ve come here or were born to it, this a hard place to call home. We have no city of splendors. No noble empire or shining knights protect us. The heart of the Zhentarim spreads its evil across the region.

I had my part in that, but no more. It’s time we made this a home worth having. We’re no shining knights, but people need us. I’m told you have some skills. I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done. I just need your help.

Join me."

Grathen Radakos, Company of the White Raven

Once a pit fighter, then agent of the Zhents, Grathen Radakos hardly seems the type to lead a fight against the darkness in the northern reaches of the Moonsea.

He has a peculiar story. In his days as a sell sword — a time he freely admits he did things he’s not proud of — it seems he came across something.

It was nothing magical. Well, not in the usual sense. He and his fellow agents sought some artifact for the Zhents. They never found it. It doesn’t matter now anyway, he says. But what he found in the catacombs beneath an old fortress made him a changed man.

In a chamber he found the forgotten remains of a small company, who lay at rest amid the crumbling corpses of their enemies. They had fought well, he could see. And each of them bore the sign of a white raven. Some on a shield, some on their tattered clothes. They had some kinship, some cause, though he could only guess what that was. The enemies around them were his own predecessors. Agents of the early days of the Zhentarim. He never took gold or work from the Zhents again.

Grathen sought sages and consulted with priests. When he passed through towns, he asked the elders. None knew of this white raven.

Whoever these white ravens were — adventurers, scoundrels, heroes, fools — he admired their lost cause. To honor them, he wore their sign, alone at first. Then he found others like him. The Company of the White Raven.

They are few. Maybe they are a lost cause, too. Grathen Radakos knows there are worse fates.

White Ravens Of Moonsea

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