White Ravens Of Moonsea

The Speaking Skull

With the Zhentarim siege unabated, Harald and Arrik delved deeper into the old Temple of Bane. Arrik thought of the place as a forgotten ruin of the old quarter, but something tells him his master Vezimir knew more of the place than he let on.

With Azora they found the temple’s crypt. Past a trick of arrow traps they encountered a host of Zhent cultists, the followers of Bane come to retrieve what Harald and Arrik themselves sought — the skull.

In the crypt, where the long dead bones of Banites lay dormant, they found one old soul that did not rest. An old priest in ceremonial wrappings and tiny relics, lumbered awake and fought them from the grave. The old mummy guarded a trove of mithril mail, odd coins, a gem, idol, and viol of fiery red.

But one last remnant remained. The skull spoke to them with a sarcastic tongue. He gave his name — Theodicus Vorthigrath, the spirit of a wizard past. Harald knew the name — his master’s master, and a name scrawled inside the first spellbooks he read. What secrets did Theodicus’ spirit reveal, and how could they keep him quiet as they escaped the catacombs and returned to the city under the Waiting, the hall of Tyr in the last remnants of Phlan.

Resting within, they plot and plan their next steps.

What of Harald’s trusted horse? Arrik’s friend Pip, and the fate of his master?

What secrets does the skull hold.

And who were the White Ravens?



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